Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to the entire Contento Apps website and all the apps developed by us.

Information Collection

We do not collect any personally recognizable information such as your phone number, name, fax, email address, and SSN. Nonetheless, we do save non-personal evidence that comprises of IP address, logs, and OS. For gathering non-personal information, we use web caches and cookies.

Information Usage

We gather the non-personal information to certify that we are providing the users with the most updated version of the apps. Also, we need non-personal information for a legitimate purpose. We may not disclose non-personal information to any unauthorized person or may do it for the legitimate authorities as compulsory by the regulation.


Contento Apps is very specific about the users’ privacy. We do not gather, store or acquire the sensitive or personal information of our clients. Moreover, we have integrated software that backs us up in securing the non-personal information of our users. Though, we do not assure that the software can defend or evade any unlawful access.

Sensitive Information

We appeal from all our users and visitors not to reveal any private or personal information that could become the basis of serious trouble. Furthermore, we do not take any responsibility if any damage is caused to the users in case the information is disclosed.

Underage Users

Though every app by Contento Apps is safe for the children, we do not inspire the underage users to explore our website sans any guardian or parental observation.


This privacy policy can be changed. It means that Contento Apps will modify and update the certain points of privacy policy in the near future. Every user of the apps by Contento Apps will be informed of any such variations in the future. Furthermore, the Contento Apps website will also inform the visitors about the policies change.

If you do not agree with the updated policies, you should instantaneously stop the use of all of our services.

Contact Us

If you have any misperception with respect to the stated policies or have any comments to make, please contact us.